Digital Radiology

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We use top of the line technology in our specialised radiology suite. It captures x-ray images in high detail, giving us more information than ever before! We can use imaging to evaluate the bones and internal organs, identifying injuries, diagnosing illnesses and determining its severity. Images can be analyzed by our doctors in real-time on every computer in the practice or shared electronically with specialists if necessary for precise interpretation at the push of a button.

Our digital x-ray system emits an extremely low dose of radiation, which makes exposure for your pet safer, and it also cuts down the time your pet needs to be in the imaging suite. If your pet needs to be anesthetized or sedated for imaging, this means a shorter anesthetic and in turn increased safety. Because the chance of taking a poor quality x-ray is reduced, fewer repeat x-rays are needed, which means there is even less exposure to radiation.

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33 Alvin Ave.
Toronto, ON M4T 2A7

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There is private onsite parking directly in front of the building as well as a large public parking lot located directly across the street.

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