Pet Desexing

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In females, this refers to the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus. In males, desexing refers to the removal of the testicles. These procedures are also known as spaying (or ovariohysterectomy) in females and neutering (or castration) in males.

Why does my pet need desexing (Spay / Neuter)?

  • Avoid unnecessary reproductive issues (pregnancies, heat cycles, etc)

  • Less likely to be hit by a car as they will roam less

  • Many people notice an improvement in behaviour/less likely to exhibit dominant behaviours

  • Increased life span (spayed females are less susceptible to breast cancer and reproductive tumours; neutered males are less susceptible to prostate, testicular and other cancers)

  • Less likely to get into fights/altercations with other animals

Animals must undergo a general anesthetic for this procedure, but the recovery is generally rapid and most pets go home the same day.

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